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Chess Training
Try these websites to improve your chess:-
How to play chess- for beginners and parents -
- - includes download for Chessbase Light

Useful Chess
- play or learn

- is a free chess tactics training server that aims to help chess-lovers improve their game by solving online interactive checkmate and chess tactics puzzles.

Chess Tempo - a website dedicated to helping chess players improve their game. Free registration provides basic features.

MyChess Training - opening traps, endgame lessons, tactical positions, wins in under ten moves.

chessKIDS academy - A superb website run by the famous Richmond Junior Chess Club, which offers full chess tuition right from learning the moves up to an advanced standard. All free!

Chessgames.com - Online chess database and community. Search over 678,000 chess games.
Daily Chess Puzzle
To solve just move the pieces on the board