AGM minutes 2016

Minutes of Telepost Chess Club Annual General Meeting 

Held at Telepost Club on Monday 8th August 2016 


Keith Tabner (Chairman), John Westhead (Treasurer), Peter Crean, , Shane Sweeney, Charles Micallef, Vinny Crean, Matthew Clark, John Bashall, John Casewell, Quentin Mills, Dennis Bonner. 

Apologies :- Nick Holmes. 

Review of Last Year 

Nigel Ferrington was once again crowned County Individual Champion. 
Our A team won the Cox Trophy and also the Rapidplay League. 
Our C team are Div 3 champions 
KT presented trophies (engraved whisky glasses) to the winning C team members, and the rapidplay cup to A team captain MC. However the whereabouts of the Cox Trophy remains a mystery. 

Treasurer’s Report 

JW presented accounts for 2015-16 
The club had to pay out £110 to cover games played by non-ECF members (£2-00 per game). Happily the players concerned have since reimbursed us in full. 
It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that he is a paid-up ECF member before playing any game to be submitted for grading. 
Agreed that captains will verify that each of their team members are current ECF members by 31 st October at latest. 
Club funds stand at £245.42 prior to the purchase of trophies (£26-80). 
Chess club fees for 2015-16 will remain at £5-00 per member, to cover running costs. Team captains will again be responsible for collecting subs on behalf of the treasurer. 

All players must of course join Telepost Club (currently £20-00 pa payable each April). 

2016-17 County League Teams 
Agreed that we will field four teams in the county league this season – A in Div 1, B and C in Div 2 and D in Div 3. The secretary will update the list of members to show nominated players, teams and captains as discussed and agreed in order to retain maximum flexibility within league rules. 

Rapidplay Teams 
MC will again captain our A team in this event. 

And this year for the first time we will also enter a B team with DB as captain. 

Officers / Captains 
– For the 2016-17 season will be:- 

Secretary – Keith Tabner 

Treasurer – John Westhead 
A Team Captain – Matthew Clark. 
B Team Captain – Peter Crean – B Team Rapidplay Captain – Dennis Bonner 
C Team Captain –Nick Holmes 
D Team Captain – John Casewell 

League AGM Matters Arising 
Vinny Crean has now resigned as league controller – succeeded by Nathaneal Paul. 
The club thanked VC for his excellent seven years service in that roll. 

Club Championship 
Congratulations to last year winners – NF champion 5 / 5, JW + KT U140 winners 3.5 / 5, and DP U100 winner 2 / 5. 

(Proposed JW seconded CM ) agreed that entry in future will be free to both this event and Shrewsbury Town Championship (previously £2-00 ) 

Shrewsbury Town Championship 

Agreed that it should continue as at present – KT to organise a five round Swiss during summer months. 

Curry Night 
Once again an enjoyable summer evening organised by KW. 
CM – consider also a similar Xmas event – 

Chess Equipment 

DB reported several clocks not fully working – will separate out those needing attention. 
Discussion on availability / use of digital clocks. 
Those that we have are rarely used as hardly anyone knows how they operate. 
Agreed MC and DB investigate options and report / recommend the best course of action. 
The meeting thanked PC for carrying out a review / tidy-up / stocktake of our chess equipment.. 

Reminder that we have a small library of chess magazines and books in chess cupboard for members to borrow and return. 

Club Website 

KT – Please supply pics of winning teams when appropriate. 
Would welcome someone else taking over. 

Dates for the Diary 
31 st August ECF annual fees due. 

VC – econd week Sept (provisionally) league season begins 

October – club championship begins. 

Other Business 
JC / PC reported visiting Brian Holford at Coton Hill House residential care home. 
Visitors are welcome other than mealtimes – 

Keith Tabner 
Chess Club Secretary

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