Shropshire Junior Rapid play tournament 23.3.24 READ Paul’s Full Report

Paul Billington writes. All I can say is that this was another resounding success from Chris Lewis and his team! It was down to:

  • Precision planning:
  • Great communication, conveyed just at the right time. The team of volunteers knew in advance what was expected and how to carry out their duties.
  • Clear instructions, which anticipates so many intricate and nuanced questions, before they are asked.
  • Each Parent was welcomed beautifully, giving the Parents an instant feeling of friendliness and confidence. 
  • The experience was enhanced when one sits down.
  • There was information readily available concerning what was happening around Shropshire concerning Junior Chess.
  • There was the old favourite word search.
  • 4 great chess puzzles for players to study.
  • There were 2 very large chess sets placed on the floor, one memorable moment was when I saw a small child hiding behind a King!! The young competitor was playing ‘hide and seek!’ 
  • As you would expect, there were many, (well used,) social chess sets available.
  • Tea Coffee, and many beautiful home made pastries! I loved the large sausage rolls and smarty cake!
  • Right by the cake was a large area showing the top boards in each section LIVE on a very large monitor! Looking very carefully at the monitor was Our special guest F M Jonathan Blackburn and Oswestry’s expert Rudy Van Kermenade, with their most interesting direction and teaching!!
  • Many seats were available to watch and listen to the experts. There was always a large audience who were very interested and engaged Parents and Children.
  • There was also a large table of chess wares available from books to boards.
  • The competition itself:
  • The event started with an informative and interesting introduction from Chris.
  • The arbiters were experienced and very happy to be left to look after each section.
  • The playing area was very well organised, with plenty of room, great light and comfortable seating.
  • Rewards were plentiful…
  • The Children rewarded with medals cups and Easter eggs, together with a certificate, here is how they all did:

Under 8

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Popov, Constantine912North Cardiff Chess Club60620,5
22Cole, Ethan743Seabridge Primary School50521
33Taylor, Zac428Shropshire Junior Chess Club41421,5
410Lambert, Jude0Bloxwich Chess Academy40418
520Wright, Arthur0None3,50323,5
619Wilderspin, Isaac0Shropshire Junior Chess Club3,50319
718Turnock, Ronnie0Newcastle-Under-Lyme School3,50319
813Rao, Eshan0Newcastle-Under-Lyme School3,50215,5
95Davies, Harry0Cheshire Junior Knights30323
1014Rayini, Tanvihaw0None30313,5
119Harper, Khalen0Bloxwich Chess Academy2,50220
124Acres-Green, Gethin0Shropshire Junior Chess Club2,50219,5
1312Masterton, Teddy0Westlands2,50218,5
148Foster, Harry0Brewood Chess Circle2,50217,5
1517Tomkinson, James0Grange Park2,50216,5
1616Thinon Perera, Binev0Shropshire Junior Chess Club2,50116,5
176Etchells, Adaw0St Mary’s Primary School20,5114
1815Sritharshan, Tanishk0Newcastle-Under-Lyme School20,5112,5
1911Martin, Harry0Grange Park1,50116
207Fernandez, Arlo0Shropshire Junior Chess Club0,50014,5

Under 10

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Parlattaya, Adhruth1045Coventry Chess Academy60621
24Thiruvarudchelvan, Saswin908St Georges Primary School (Wallasey50522,5
33Sohi, Sehej954Mayfield Prepatory School40423
41Ragam, Aaryan1061Northamptonshire Schools Chess Asso40422,5
515Smith, John Liu0Liverpool Chess Club40422
66Goudman, Theo0Stafford Prepatory School40417
78Keeling, Liam0Stafford Prepatory School3,50317,5
817Wood, Theo0St Mary’s School (Shawbury)30318
916Szymala, Leon0St Peters Primary School30317
1012Peach, Fred0Selattyn School30215
1114Skelly, Joseph0Cleveleys Junior Chess Club2,50216
1210Kuczynski, Arthur0Newport Chess Club2,50215,5
1311Nanjaiah, Vedith0Edenhurst20220
149Kelly, Benjamin0Meadows Primary School20218
155Evans, Tommy0Grange Park20212
167Heys, Tommy0Telford Chess Club1,50113,5
1713Robinson, Adam0Broseley C of E School10116,5

Under 12

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Murthy, Arush1218Bridgend Chess Club5,50521
21Jarzynski, Oskar1390Crewe Chess Club50519,5
323Zhuravlev, Andrei0North Cardiff Chess Club4,50421,5
43Raposo, Maxwell1138Staffordshire40425
520Steele, Dyfan0Shropshire Junior Chess Club40421
66Kenz, Ruyaw973Newcastle Under Lyme School40417,5
718Phillips, Jack0Potteries Junior Chess Club40416
819Sharp, Ellis0Telepost Chess Club3,50324
97Wyatt, Freddie812Telepost Chess Club3,50319
1015Millward, William0Shropshire Junior Chess Club3,50319
1114Mathey, Ruben0Hereford Chess Club3,50318,5
124Batchelor, Jacob1100Kettering Chess Club30319
138Lucas, Logan789Tenbury30315,5
1422Vallantine Entwistle, Diami0Cleveleys Chess Club30311
155Hunter, Noah995Corbet Secondary2,50220,5
1616Nadine, Edward0Newport Junior Chess Club2,50215
179Rajinikanth, Advait777Newcastle-Under-Lyme School2,50215
1810Benfield, Harrison0Telford Chess Club21218,5
1921Titley, Koby0Newport Chess Club20216
2013Jones, Oscar0Selattyn CofE School1,50117
2117Olsen, Elias0Shropshire Junior Chess Club10116,5
2212Hosley, Joshua0Old Hall School10114,5
2311Burgoyne, Hugh0Charlton School10014

Under 14

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Kryshtafor, Maksym1909Ukraine60620
24Bedford, Rudi1339Telepost Chess Club4,50419,5
33Dragan, Cristian-Gabriel1383Potteries Junior Chess Club40416,5
42Sohi, Aarav1521King Edwards School (Edgbaston)3,50320,5
55Macmillan, Rhys1249Telepost Chess Club30323
66Mathur, Alex1159Nottingham High School30316,5
77Wyman, Callum1044Mercia Chess Club30315
810Worsell, Alex0Liverpool Chess Club20216
99Lees, Edward0Holy Trinity Academy (Priorslee)10116,5
108Caldecott, Jacob0Newport Junior Chess Club00016,5

Under 18

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Madhusudhan, Tanmay1580Wrexham Chess Club60618,5
21Thimmegowda, Krishnaswaroop1650Newport Chess Club50518,5
38Loe, Alex0Oswestry Chess Club40419
45Desai, Rahul1213Newcastle-Under-Lyme School3,50318
54Rajinikanth, Arnav1221Newcastle-Under-Lyme School30320
63Barton, Ryan1311Telford Chess Club2,50219,5
77Arnold, Axl0The King’s School (Worcester)2,50217
810Viktorov, Tymur0The King’s School (Worcester)20115,5
96Heys, Henry908Telford Chess Club1,50116
109Potrykus, Lucas0Kings School Chester00013,5

Children with 3.5 points got a bronze Medal

Children with 4.5 points got a Silver Medal

Children with 5.5 or more got a Gold Medal

looking through the list you will see some very familiar names from Shropshire Chess League

33Taylor, Zac428Shropshire Junior Chess Club41421,5
619Wilderspin, Isaac0Shropshire Junior Chess Club3,50319
819Sharp, Ellis0Telepost Chess Club3,50324
97Wyatt, Freddie812Telepost Chess Club3,50319
1015Millward, William0Shropshire Junior Chess Club3,50319
520Steele, Dyfan0Shropshire Junior Chess Club40421
819Sharp, Ellis0Telepost Chess Club3,50324
97Wyatt, Freddie812Telepost Chess Club3,50319
1015Millward, William0Shropshire Junior Chess Club3,50319
24Bedford, Rudi1339Telepost Chess Club4,50419,5
21Thimmegowda, Krishnaswaroop1650Newport Chess Club50518,5
38Loe, Alex0Oswestry Chess Club40419

What a big debt of gratitude we all owe to Chris Lewis, for without him these stars of the future would NOT be so well known, and would not be playing in the Shropshire League!!

Fittingly Chris was given English Chess Federation’s contribution to junior chess award. By the Shropshire Chess President Mr Matthew Clark!

Hooray and well done Chris Lewis!

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