Mega Day At Megafinal

Juniors from across Shropshire showcased their skills at the Shropshire Megafinal. Here are the standout performances:

  1. 🥇 Excellent Ellis (U11) dominated the competition with gusto, securing Gold with an impressive 4.5 pts.
  2. 🥈 William the Conqueror (U12) demonstrated his strategic prowess, claiming Silver with a solid 4 pts.
  3. 🥉 A-Star Ada, the talented sister of William, took Bronze in the U8 category, scoring 4 pts and earning the title of Top Girl.
  4. 🏆 Rampant Rowdy Rudi (U10) emerged victorious again, clinching Gold with an outstanding 6 pts.
  5. 🌟 Mercurial Freddie, battling in the U12 section, put up a valiant fight, amassing 3.5 pts.

All rising stars have qualified for the Gigafinals, where they’ll continue their quest for chess supremacy! 

All Adult Action

In a nail-biting finale, chess enthusiasts gathered from across the county for the Shropshire Adult Mini Tournament. The spotlight fell on Kate Walker, who emerged as the ultimate victor after a fiercely contested final round against Mike Etchells. The tension was palpable, and spectators were on the edge of their seats!

Kate’s strategic brilliance and unwavering focus secured her the coveted title, leaving the audience in awe. As the pieces danced across the board, every move mattered. Cheers erupted as Kate executed a masterstroke, sealing her victory. “It was a rollercoaster of emotions,” Kate shared, wiping sweat from her brow. “Mike is a formidable opponent, and I had to dig deep to stay ahead.”

The tournament organizers praised both players for their sportsmanship and dedication. The camaraderie and competitive spirit made it an unforgettable event. Chess enthusiasts left with smiles, knowing they’d witnessed a battle for the ages. Congratulations, Kate Walker! Your name is etched in Shropshire chess history! 🌟👑♟️

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